EP 008: Games – Part 2: Educational Games

Educational Games

What makes a game educational, and why do so many attempts seem to fall short? Cara & Joe discuss this question and more in this second part of a series on games and instructional design.

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EP 007: Personal Learning Networks

The Lost Episode on Personal Learning Networks

Before the Instructional Redesign Podcast launched in 2017, Cara and Joe recorded a trial run. The goal was to see if everything came together as something worth listening to.

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EP 006: Bethany Taylor

Interview with Bethany Taylor

We recently spoke with Bethany Taylor, a junior instructional designer at eCom Scotland. We met Bethany through the Training Learning and Development Community and we thought it would be great to chat with her because she’s newer in the field and has some fascinating perspectives on the anthropology of learning. In this episode, we discuss culture of learning, perspectives from someone newer in the industry, and challenges around learning design.

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EP 005: Jeff Goldman

Interview with Jeff Goldman

We recently had a chat with Jeff Goldman, eLearning Developer for John Hopkins Health Systems. Jeff
has had a prolific career in learning and development spanning more than 20 years. In this episode
he shares his background, how he approaches working out loud, and reasons why he loves working in
learning and development.

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EP 004: Games – Part 1: The Influence of Games

How Games Influence Design

This is part 1 in a series on how games influence instructional design. We get nostalgic in this episode about video games going as far back as Oregon Trail and as recent as Assassin’s Creed Origins.

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EP 003: Joseph Suarez

Better Know a Host – Joseph Suarez

eLearning Developer by day and freelance eLearning developer by night. Joe Suarez reflects on his decade of experience related to instructional design, explains how he became a well rounded learning professional, and shares his perspective on the current state of the learning & development (L&D) industry.

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EP 002: Cara North

Better Know a Host – Cara North

In addition to hosting this podcast, Cara is an ID at The Ohio State University and social media
addict. In this episode she explains how she “fell” into instructional design, which
Fortune 50 company she worked for during the early part of her instructional design career,
her thoughts on the future of instructional design, and more.

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EP 001: Time for Redesign

“Hey, let’s launch a podcast!”

In this inaugural episode, Cara and Joe are curiously well prepared to begin a podcast on a whim. They discuss the rate of change due to technology, how the learning and development (L&D) field reacts to change, what they mean by “instructional redesign,” and what’s in store for future podcast episodes.

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