EP 038: Recap of ATD 2023

Cara North returns from San Diego after attending the ATD 2023 conference. This episode is a recap of her experience at the event, advice on what one might expect at a large conference, and tips to convince a manager to attend one.

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EP 037: DevLearn 2022 Recap

Cara North and Joseph Suarez are back in Ohio after spending several days in Las Vegas, NV for the 2022 DevLearn conference hosted by the Learning Guild. In this episode, they recap their experiences and take-a-ways as well as provide advice for future attendees.


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EP036: Interview with Matt Pierce

Hosting and Managing Virtual Events

Matt Pierce is a Learning and Video Ambassador at Techsmith where he is, among other things, the lead for TechSmith Academy a free online learning platform. You may also know Matt as being the host of The Visual Lounge, a regular live YouTube series produced by Techsmith. Joe talks to him about what it’s like working in front of the camera so often and what lessons he’s learned.


EP035: Interview with Karl G.Richter

Bringing Joy to the Craft of Instructional Design

Karl Richter is the owner of Elearning Blends. He chats with Joe about his unique approach to create custom eLearning that blends online training with classroom experiences, and performance support tools.


EP034: Interview with Roberta Dombrowski

The Benefits of User Research

Roberta Dombrowski is VP of User Reseach at a company called User Interviews where she builds a scalable, efficient, and decision-driven research practice. Joe talks with her about where L&D and UX Research intertwine and where it merely boils down to semantics.


EP033: Interview with Heidi Kirby

Transitioning from Teaching to Instructional Design

Joe speaks with Learning and Development leader and host of the BLOC Podcast, Hedi Kirby. She shares her recent job search experience and her previous transition from a teacher to instructional designer.


EP032: Interview with Jeff Batt

The Power of Code and Custom Development

Joe and Cara speak with Jeff Batt, owner of Learning Dojo and Program Manager at The Learning Guild. They dig into why web and mobile development matters more than you may think, and discuss why you might consider a custom developed solution over using an authoring tool.


EP031: Interview with Tom McDowall

Considerations for Animated Video

Tom McDowall joins Joe Suarez to chat about the wealth of L&D themed online content and events he’s putting into the world, not least of which being the IDTX 2.0 conference in February 2022. They then shift into the main topic of discussion – what to consider when planning animated videos as a learning solution. Specifically, Tom answers when it makes sense to use them, how to go about producing them, and whether to do them in-house or contract it out.


EP030: Interview with Jonathan Couser

Leading Creative Teams

Cara and Joe speak with Jonathan Couser, founder of Arch Impacts, a firm dedicated to helping leaders move along the path toward leading legacies worth repeating not deleting. Jonathan shares his experience and advice around the art and science of leading a team of creative professionals.

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EP 029: Matthew Confer

Joe Suarez interviews Matthew Confer who is VP of Strategy and Business Development at Abilitie (pronounced ability), an experiential learning company based in Austin, Texas. They discuss various aspects of leadership, decision making, and Matthew’s role at Abilitie facilitating leadership simulations. Matthew is also the the host of the Learn to Lead podcast which recently featured Cara North as a guest.