EP 017: Mark L. Sheppard

Interview with Mark L. Sheppard

Cara and Joe chat with Mark L. Sheppard, a Senior Learning Consultant from Ontario and self-identified “Unrepentant Geek” with a wealth of L&D experience. The three engage in quite an interesting discussion comparing the work of learning and development to Star Wars.

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EP 016: Jac Hutchinson

Interview with Jac Hutchinson

Cara and Joe chat with experienced L&D practitioner, business owner, and fellow podcaster Jac Hutchinson. She shares her origin story and some deeply personal experiences around her decision to first go out on her own and eventually form an incorporated business, eLearning Pros. Jac lays out some great advice for starting business owners or anyone who may consider someday making the transition.

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EP 015: TLDC (Interview)

What is TLDC and who is it for?

Today’s episode consists of the responses to interview questions Cara and Joe posed to Training Learning & Development Community (TLDC) co-founders Brent Schlenker and Luis Malbas. They walked us through the humble, grass-roots origins of TLDC and how it’s evolved over time into a community of L&D professionals.

If you like what you hear, find out more at TLDC.us, and look into future online and in-person events they host like the upcoming TLDC19 in Phoenix, AZ.

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EP 014: Games – Part 3: Gamified Learning

Games – Part 3: Gamified Learning

For months listeners have been anxiously waiting for the epic conclusion to the gaming series trilogy. Will a Jedi return? Will Cara and Joe get back to 1985? Can they escape the island of dinosaurs yet again? And hey, why didn’t the eagles just fly them to the end of this episode from the start???

None of that will be revealed. Instead they talk some more about games and learning and whatnot… It’s a trap!

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EP 013: Learning DevCamp 2018

Learning DevCamp 2018 Conference Recap

Pack your bags because Joe and Cara are going back to Salt Lake City, Utah to recap the 2018 Learning DevCamp conference. They’ll summarize their experience at the three day event including the eLearning Brother’s first ever eLBX event.

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EP 011: TLDC UK Meetup Recap

How was the 2018 TLDC UK Meetup?

On June 21st 2018 TLDC hosted the first (of many?) meetup in the United Kingdom. Cara, despite having her luggage in limbo for a wee bit (#WheresCarasBag), made it to London to attend along with Jo Cook of Lighbulb Moments and former guest of the show Bethany Taylor.

The evening event was sponsored by GoodPractice who we want to congratulate on 100 episodes of their great podcast.

Lastly, happy birthday to Cara today and a belated to Jo as well!

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EP 010: L&D Podcasting – A Year Later

A Look Back on Our First Year

In this special unconventional episode, Joe and Cara reflect on their first year of podcasting and talk about what’s in store for the future episodes of Instructional Redesign podcast.

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EP 009: Instructional Design Challenges

Instructional Design Challenges

You know you’ve said it at least once, “I wish I had time to build ______”  So why aren’t we taking more time to build and experiment? Cara and Joe discuss Cara’s Instructional Design 6 Week challenge (#id6wc) and explore the value of building instructional design products.


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EP 008: Games – Part 2: Educational Games

Educational Games

What makes a game educational, and why do so many attempts seem to fall short? Cara & Joe discuss this question and more in this second part of a series on games and instructional design.

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